Your promotions in the spotlight…

…so that no passenger can pass them by!

Sunglass Promotion

Your cruise promotions are aligned towards the requirements of your passengers. We align d.GIS towards your requirements in terms of content and design. We are able to devise the screen appearance on the basis of your corporate design for example, or work together with you in order to develop a whole new look. In doing so we always ensure the maximum in functionality, so that all screens are intuitively comprehensible and user-friendly.

The perfect day on board Orientation and safety are undoubtedly vital aspects on board. However, also important are entertainment, joie de vivre and the fulfilment of personal desires.

In order to succeed in suggesting the maximum in daily diversity to passengers, the d.GIS »Promotions« module offers an overview of the day’s promotions as well as comprehensive information on the specific details, prices and the option of booking directly.

Be it an excursion with reduced price group tickets, a spa visit, shopping promotions, happy hour or photos taken on board - with d.GIS you optimise the capacity management of commercial promotions and consistently offer passengers new highlights.

d.GIS offers you:

  • An additional medium through which to communicate your promotions
  • Refinancing opportunities
  • The optimum capacity utilisation of all commercial promotions
  • Advertising opportunities for shop operators and third parties
  • Disburdenment of personnel

d.GIS offers cruiseship passengers:

  • The ability to find promotions quickly and easily
  • All important information at a glance
  • A full overview of all the day’s promotions
  • Direct booking opportunities
  • Advertising support to shop operators
  • Improved accessibility of passengers

Example applications

Shaken or stirred?

Happy Hour

In order that passengers do not allow happy hour promotions to pass them by, they can discover here where to find the bar, which cocktails are included in promotions and who mixes the drinks.

Promotion Detail

Promotion Detail

Promotion Video

Promotion Video

Booking Process

Mask or massage? If the spa should find itself running below capacity at any time, you can provide passengers with attractive introductory promotions or offer treatments at special prices here.

Promotion Booking

Booking Confirmation