Maintain a bearing on every deck

We provide guidance around every ship


Deckplan (Example Application)

Our digital orientation system supports the control of passenger flows, whilst simultaneously fulfilling the needs of every passenger.

The »Orientation« module impresses through a combination of comprehensive information relating to onboard orientation and the opportunity of calling up any route plan on an individual basis. Users are able to move virtually around all decks and thereby discover what is available and where.

The spatial orientation is easy to follow due to the dynamic mapping of the respective route taken. It is naturally also possible to use the search function to find specific places, rooms or promotions.

d.GIS offers you:

  • Disburdenment of personnel
  • Simple reprogramming in the event of refits
  • Optimum utilisation of walkways

d.GIS offers the cruise passengers:

  • Particularly straightforward orientation throughout the entire ship
  • All important information on the respective deck at a glance
  • Detailed search for special promotions
  • Directions to all selectable locations

Simplified Display


Deck plan
Clear location information, plus identification of all areas on the deck about which more detailed information exists. This view also contains a reference to promotions.

Deck plan detailed info
Following selection by the user a new screen appears, which contains more detailed information (text, image, video). It is possible to book the promotion directly here; the directions are displayed.

Following selection of the navigation button on the detailed screen, clear directions to the selected location are displayed.

Example Application


Deck plan detailed info