Individual fulfilment of individual requirements!

d.GIS – the multifunctional digital guidance and information system

Digital Guidance in action

We configure our system according to your wishes – both in terms of function and design. The individual functions are therefore presented here and in the following in a highly simplified form.

Our digital system, d.GIS, stands for direct communication with the user by means of a touchscreen: Depending on the user requirement it is able to offer orientation, provide information and present promotions.

And all this in the clear, service-orientated, comprehensible, straightforward and rapid manner that you can expect from a tailored, programmed system.

d.GIS offers you:

  • Disburdenment of personnel
  • Optimised communication of all safety concerns
  • Extensive potential savings during future refits
  • Targeted capacity management of individual promotions
  • Refinancing options through advertising revenue

d.GIS the cruiseship passengers:

  • Straightforward orientation throughout the ship
  • All information on the subject of safety at a glance
  • A full overview of all daily activities
  • Direct booking opportunities for all promotions

d.GIS Highlights for your customers and passengers

Clear diversity across all levels

Home Screen

Simplified Display
Header: Auxiliary functions
Content: Key functions
Footer: Function navigation

The visual provision of the diverse information on board requires clear focal points and an intuitive and user-friendly touchscreen interface. d.GIS offers the following key functions:

This function assists all passengers in their orientation and in the search for specific locations and promotions on board.

Passengers are able to familiarise themselves with the safety aspects of the ship at all times here.

This area presents the selection of leisure activities and sales promotions.

In addition to the key functions, the user has permanent access to the following auxiliary functions:

  • Back
  • Help
  • Language selection
  • Search function
  • Start screen link

The bottom section constantly contains the complete function navigation:

  • A: Sea Map Locator
  • B: Weather Forecast
  • C: Day’s Schedule
  • D: Ship Information

  • Deck Plan
  • Safety
  • Promotions